Organic Coconut Bath Milk

Organic Coconut Bath Milk

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How Often Should You Take a Milk Bath?

Many people enjoy taking one once or twice a week, but it’s also beneficial for your skin if you do it more often. After your first milk bath you will see it will become one of your favorite ways to relax.


Tips for Taking a Milk Bath

The best time of day to take your milk bath is in the evening before bedtime. 

When you hop into the warm bath tub, pour in ½ cup of your milk bath mix and then add 1-2 cups of hot water; mix together with your hands until it becomes thick like body lotion. 

Apply this mixture all over your body while taking deep breaths and relaxing under its soothing heat – your own soothing milk bath will feel amazing! Afterward, pat yourself dry with towels and apply your skin care products.

You should probably avoid taking one if you have any skin irritations like skin rashes, poison ivy, inflamed or sunburned skin, eczema spots.



Blended with love ready for your self care sessions ...


Base mix Contains : coconut milk power, oats , Epsom salt, Himalayan salt 


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