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Going to roll with this plan for you as a guide for us making the juices... if you would like more detailed info on what you should or shouldn’t have or do you will need to contact your naturopath, dietitian or friendly neighbourhood nutritionist 🙂 we can make juices to suit your plans. We are here to just supply good juices!!

1 Juice = approx 10oz/300ml of juice concentrate that you add ice to serve 

1 day juice pack - 5 juices - $40
2 day juice pack - 10 juices - $70
3 day juice pack- 15 juices - $10

6 Day Juice Pack - 15 Fresh Juices & 15 Emma & Toms Juices

They will be a mix of available fresh organic/spray free produce vegetable/ fruit  juice pack.. 3 day shelf life (Emma & Toms have a longer expiry that pack is suited to those who live out of town wanting to do a longer juice option) .. so when you order make sure you designate a time of pick up to suit! 

Types of Juices we supply Produce subject to availability- 
Anti Inflammatory - Apple, Cucumber,Celery , Spinach, Lemon, Ginger
Detox - Carrot, Cucumber, Ginger, Apple, Turmeric
Cleanse- Beetroot, Apple, Lemon
Super C - Apple, Carrot, Orange 
Skin Glow - Banana, Blueberries, Mango, Apple 
Energy Booster - Apple, Carrot, Celery, Tomato, Turmeric 

Follow this link for more information on what a Juice Cleanse is HERE

That Wholefood Place takes no responsibility for what you do with the juices - make sure you seek the right information/guidance / recommendations for you own situation.. we simply supply delicious juices.