Tigernuts Flour Organic

Tigernuts Flour Organic

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Tigernuts promote a host of impressive health benefits, and are quickly being elevated to 'Superfood' status due to their prebiotic and high fiber qualities. 

TIgernuts are not actually a nut but a tuber or root plant.
Naturally gluten free, tigernuts are high in potassium, vitamin C and E, and calcium.

They are reputed to have multiple health benefits including lowering cholesterol, and offering protection from cardiovascular disease. 
They are also known for naturally 'bringing in' a nursing mothers milk, and also aiding diabetes. 

As a good source of plant-pased protein, and low carbohydate content, they are a beneficial choice for a number of gluten free and dairy free applications.
From a delicious, sweet tasting gluten free flour substitute in baking, to tiger nut milk. With the oils extracted for a highly nutritious alternative that competes with olive oil in benefits. 

Certified Organic. 

Origin: Spain