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Its easy.. Choose the $30 inc gst option we pack your order in our glass jars... On return of our containers - Clean and Unbroken- you receive a $20 store credit/gift card to use on our website. 

EG: Order your choice of products, Choose the TWP Jar swap + Delivery - We deliver your order in glass jars - when you are ready for another order choose this option again.. and have our empty containers clean and ready for pick up, on delivery of your 2nd order we will pick up our containers and send you a $20 gift card.. Next order same again and so on and so on.. If you decide you no longer want this service you can simply email us and drop our containers back to us to receive a $20 deposit refund. 

Max of 20kg per order for this option. If you would like to order more then 20kg worth of stock at a time please email us to arrange suitable pricing. 

This option is simply a trial and may be changed/updated/canceled at any time we choose should the service not become viable. 

Other Information and Policies 

If you wish to secure the online price place your order online.In store prices are generally the same (unless on sale) but all prices are subject to change due to the nature of the business that is Bulk buying. We will honour prices on our website through online orders or in store with what is labelled but not online prices in store and vice versa.When bringing your own containers to refill That Wholefood Place takes no responsibility for the state they are in! If your food is contaminated because of the state of your containers or how you choose to store it we will not refund unless we can see it is our fault (stock in store is faulty). ​​


Purchased online are for online only. We can however set you up with one for in store just send us an email.