Terms and Conditions

 SILLY SATURDAY SALE- Strictly ends 16th May 2020 Midnight! Valid on the following collections -  20% off not valid with any other deal - 











Due to ongoing Corona Virus issues 

We have taken out our scoops one scoop per person per product .. will actually keep that in place moving forward.. and byo cups for coffee we can make on our machines and pour into your cups.. same as food prep make it on our plates then scoop it into your containers you are holding .. we don’t touch it and we don’t take it into our kitchen.. easy! 


If you are sick - ever - please refrain from coming in store and let us deliver your order to your car. Plenty of opportunities to order online. 


Please email the store for more information  : 



Delivery Fees: 

Click and Collect From Rockhampton Store FREE! 

Delivery Fees subject to location and purchased amount - CQ AREA ONLY

Quote for outside area Contact us!

 ​If you have your own containers please email us for further instructions. We can offer a rotational service where we hold onto a set of your containers in store for when you require your next order. We can drop off to you and collect the Clean ones to keep for your next order. 

Other Information and Policies 

If you wish to secure the online price place your order online.In store prices are generally the same (unless on sale) but all prices are subject to change due to the nature of the business that is Bulk buying. We will honour prices on our website through online orders or in store with what is labelled but not online prices in store and vice versa.When bringing your own containers to refill That Wholefood Place takes no responsibility for the state they are in! If your food is contaminated because of the state of your containers or how you choose to store it we will not refund unless we can see it is our fault (stock in store is faulty). ​​


Purchased online are for online only. We can however set you up with one for in store just give us a call!