Invest in your health get the right Tools for the job

The number one equipment I've invested in to help with the cooking from scratch is of course the ever popular Thermomix®.. 

And now I am a consultant..  

Contact me if you wish to have a tour of the machine I use in the workshops...

Not going to lie .. at first I did think well thats some really expensive pumpkin soup..... But with the cafe I knew I needed a basic food processor anyway and well the cost was the same.... little did I know how much food would be made with this machine... 

Did you know I ran the cafe on 2 thermomix®'s, smoothie machine, sandwich press and a $45 bench top oven from Kmart?? Well I did.. and the thermomix®'s way of having a meal plan option online via Cookidoo® made the Staff's life easier when prepping food. 

What we created using the Thermomix®: 

Curry's - from scratch using our spice range - no preservatives 

Soups - probably the best versions ever and OMG vegetable stocks from real ingredients once again no preservatives 

Steamed - EVERYTHING - the Varoma® baskets could set them up with vegetables, chicken ect  pop the timers on and walk away knowing it wasnt going to boil over or over cook 

Alternative Milks - Almond, cashew, hazelnut ect all so super easy 

Smoothie Bowls - Frozen banana, acai powder , mixed berries and coconut water .. best no added sugar ice cream ever!! 

Sourdough bread - need I say more? 

Raw cakes 

and the number one item  we made ... CHOCOLATE FROM SCRATCH 

this machine has the temp set so it never over heated the chocolate... 


As a mum... it was also ease of use// safety in the kitchen.. I can put the meal on and then go and do the other things that needed doing knowing it wasn't going to over cook or boil over or little hands pulling the pot off the stove .. big deal.. 

Now the girls are a little older (8 & 6)  they are actually starting to use the machine to be able to make meals with me.. reading the easy to follow recipes and helping make food too. Such a bad skill to have making their own food.