How to Make Chocolate.. TWP style


Dark Chocolate Recipe!

80g cacao butter
50g cacao powder
50 g sweetener (I use liquid so easier to mix in - maple syrup, coconut nectar, rice syrup)

Melt cacao butter over medium heat in double boiler (bowl on pot with water) or 37 degrees speed 2 in your Thermo

Once fully melted add in sweetener (make sure it’s a room temp of cacao butter will start to set 😕

Once mixed in remove from heat and mix in cacao powder with whisk (I forgot what it was called for a second)

Set in your chocolate forms of choice or a big baking paper lined tray - add flavours off stuffs of choice (roasted coconut, goji, maple roasted nuts) in the freezer boom chocolate!

The dairy free “milk chocolate” option - halve the cacao powder make it up with coconut milk power - a good fifty-fifty ratio! Make sure you mix it together in the blender first as its gets separated otherwise - Get clever and add some carob powder and coconut oil to your mix too you won’t be disappointed (that really expensive Pana chocolate taste)

Grate chop or smash for cake decorating like a pro