Hi and welcome to our FAQ's (Frequently Asked Question's) Section or as I like to call it Your FACT CHECK section - Here are a few of the repeat offenders ... 


Yep we know we have moved around a little bit in our 5 years of Trading. But we are definitely still trading... and we update our Facebook and Instagram pages almost Daily.. BUT  If you last seen us at the Arcade Carpark Markets that may have been 5 years ago and you are in need of a refill. If you last seen us at Talford Street, that was 4 years ago you also need a top up. Berserker Street was now 2 years ago and Alma street was September 2020 when we were last there so you also need to come see us..

we were doing a stint at the markets .., but that’s not working out for us.. so for now we are online delivery with pick up option fortnightly to cap coast Vegies 

. More locations will be added as we get into the groove of being mobile! (ps we are totally open to "hey can you come park here we need you" emails 

Where can I get my jars refilled now that you have moved? We are offering a pick up and drop off service please email :) 

What are your opening hours? Online.. 24/7 .. ) other days? Not yet.. best option is to follow our facebook or instagram pages for updates or come see us at the markets and hopefully we can have a chat.. 

Do you deliver?  We sure do. Simply order online and choose your shipping/delivery options available to your location. 

Do you have product xyz? We update our website as soon as something is out of stock. If you search on our website and it doesn't come up it means its out of stock or we don't stock it. IF you are after 5kg min of something we can always special order it in on our next order. 

How often do you get stock in? We generally place orders monthly. 

Are all of your products Organic? Nope.. And we don't claim to be 100% organic never have as that restricts us as to what we can get in bulk package free options. We do however try and get as organic as possible, Australian were possible and our cleaning and storage of items is toxic Chemical Free. Sometimes an organic option is 3 times the price and not Australian so we opt for an Australian Insecticide Free option for our customers. We also Lable everything accordingly If you wish to know the Organic Certification on something we can certainly obtain that for you on request from our Trusted Suppliers. We choose to serve Organic Coffee with Organic Milk options because its just better. 

Do you have organic fruit and vegetables? Not any more although from time to time we may be approached by farmers wanting to sell their goods through us and that will be announced on our Facebook or Instagram pages or newsletter..  we can certainly recommend a few options to you though ..  

Organic Fruit and Veggies Delivered by Keith or Rebecca from OQF 

Or pop in and see what you can get Go Vita on Fitzroy street (Tuesday is when they generally get their fresh order in) 

OF course there are many great chemical free locally grown options at the Rocky RaceCourse Markets every Sunday thats well worth a look before you get from the others. 


If you have any other questions or facts you would like to verify direct from the horses mouth please email us info@thatwholefoodplace.com