About Us


Work out and gain a healthier lifestyle in one location


IT was a chance meeting between Kate Hollingsworth and Cindy McCulloch which has spawned a dynamic partnership in the heart of Rockhampton.

At the end of June, the owner of That Wholefood Place sealed a bright business future when she arranged to join forces with XO Fitness owner, Ms McCulloch.

Her first step to a fresh business venture came when Ms Hollingsworth relocated the store from Berserker St in North Rockhampton over to the city in September.

"Cindy had spare space at the gym and our customers were already her clients so we just had to make it happen to be more convenient and accessible to them," she said.

Now located next door to the gym at 1/155 Alma St in Rockhampton, Ms Hollingsworth believes she's cooked up a recipe for success in 2020.

"Having now renovated the space over our Christmas break, we have opened the bulk room back up to the public," she said.

"They can bring their own jars or use our paper bags to refill from almost 200 predominantly organic and definitely preservative free products (from as little as five grams)."

You'd think with Health and Harmony around the corner in Denham St, there would be a sense of competition. But that's not so.

"We can work together with them as they have what we don't and vice versa," she said.

Ms Hollingsworth's store consists of a cafe which will offer organic coffee from local supplier, Cuppa Cabana, and refined sugar-free treats until February.

"Our point of difference in the cafe section is the organic and chemical free products we use to create our food which you can also buy," she said.

You can also step in to the store for breakfast, lunch or tea from February 3 to fit in with your fitness schedule at XO Fitness, plus update your wardrobe with their range of sportswear.

Discounts for bulk ingredients are available for members of XO Fitness. For more information, visit the store or contact 0466 912 310.


Fast Forward to 2019-

We have teamed up with Xo Fitness Centre to offer their customers a coffee/Smoothie bar option with a difference. We will still continue to have our bulk stock available and fruit and vegetables as our cafe expands we will be able to offer more food options with our focus on reducing waste and keeping everything refined sugar free! 


Our Bulk section is no longer accessible to the public so make sure you have your list of what you need or order online for a more convenient shopping experience. 




Where are we now?

Well we have been in business now for just over 4 years and how times have changed from starting out at the Kern Arcade Markets to our little shop on Southside to our current location at 161 Berserker Street, Berserker we have certainly come a long way. Our organic and natural package free shopping options are ever expanding. The "Peggy's Kitchen" café has upgraded and now offers Free Range Breakfasts Friday and Saturdays as well as lunch options and an ever changing refined sugar free cake cabinet. The organic smoothie menu is delicious and nutritious without any added nasties. We are very proud of where our business is heading and hope that you can make the time to come in and enjoy what we have created. ​​​​


A little about us

Graham and I (Kate) wanted to start "That Wholefood Place" because we wanted the people of Rockhampton and surrounding areas to have access to great organic raw products so that they could also share in the health benefits of a "WHOLE FOOD" lifestyle at a much cheaper rate then what was on offer.

In the past we were those people who ate and drank everything. It wasn't healthy. And it showed. When we found out I was pregnant with our 1st daughter things started to change especially our diet. Graham gave up sugar and started eating a predometly whole food diet. I however didn't get on the bandwagon until after she was born. Graham lost a lot of weight and I noticed my anxiety and depression had eased a lot. It was then we decided that our daughter would have a Refined Sugar Free diet that meant that all of her food had to be prepared as so much of "kids" food is laced with sugar. EVEN SAUSAGES and BACON! She is 100% sugar free but we are still breaking our bad habits so we only get a rating of 90/100 yep she wins again!

A lot of our inspiration for things comes from us taking this journey. The likes of "That Sugar Film" , Sarah Wilson from "I quit Sugar", "wholefood simply" and Jen Shaw from Barefoot Kitchens. We are also lucky to have some of our friends and family who are into nutrition or are personal trainers so have seen it all are the reason we do what we do.

We hope you like what we are trying to achieve with this business as we have very big plans for the future.

Thanks for being a part of it.

Kate, Graham, Ella and Laine xoxo​