Whole Cakes

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We make to order cakes to suit your needs.. 


Need it nut free.. we can do that 

Need it Dairy Free.. We can do that

Need it to be Gaps Friendly.. you tell us where you are at and we can make it happen! 

Need it made with love .. we can definately do that

Need it made a certain way.. you tell us what you can and can't have and we can certainly give it a go but we do master in rustic one of a kind cakes.. our cakes are made to the individual requiremens and no two cakes are ever the same and thats just how we like it! 

What we don't do is use artificial preservitives, refined cane sugars, artificical colourings! 

We just ask that you give us a little notice at least 5 days to make the cake as these things take time and preperation to do! Sometimes we can pull it out of the hat and make it happen in under that time but lets just keep it simple and easy for everyone involved! 

Please note that Slab slices are individual slices

If you would like a cake made without the toppings ect on a simple cake please email the store! generally it will be a larger cake for the price of the small without the extras but this is dependant on a number of items so please email us

Need more information or email us info@thatwholefoodplace.com or come in for a chat and have a chat with one of our friendly staff!! OR pop your requirements into the comments section and we will be in contact with you shortly.