Fruit and Vegetables Boxes

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Pre Order for  Pick Up! We will email you when your order is ready for pick up! Please note our Fruit Vege order is generally in Wednesday mornings! 


$70 mostly organic fruit n vege boxes this week! 

Delivery rockhampton/Gracemere $10 or spend over $100 and get it delivered free!! 


2kg carrot* 🥕 

500g broccoli* 🥦 

1 ea Cauliflower *

1 kg zucchini*

1kg oranges*🍊 

1kg bananas* 🍌 

4 corn* 🌽 

2kg sweet potato* 🍠 

1kg red onion*

500g spray free local tomatoes 


half box does not include plant :) but is half of above :)