Because sometimes you just need to keep on keeping on..

by Kate Hollingsworth

Hi Everyone 

Thank you for joining us on this amazing journey we are on with our Bulk Food and Cafe. We started our little business, That Wholefood Place 3 years ago in Rockhampton, 2 weeks after we placed our first order I found out I was pregnant with our 2nd child. Not one to give up or just let things go because it was going to be tuff we pushed through and found our way to where we are today with our little organic/Natural Cafe Peggy's Kitchen, Bulk Foods section and our Rent this Space Shelves . Because nothing ever worth doing was easy. 

We currently have 11 staff on the books and the only way this has been possible is by locals supporting us. Without people buying from us constantly we can not continue to employ.

Our 4 school based trainees became 3 late last year as our first Graduate finished her training and is now employed by us. You will see Abbie in the mornings and can try out her amazing cooking skills!!

It was overwhelming to see how many juniors applied for our casual positions and their stories of struggling to find a job that would just give them a go. So we did and are so happy with each and every one of them but there just isn't many hours to go around at the moment as all local business is finding it hard to have a consistent income. BUT we will endeavour to continue and with our new opening hours (7am opens means 5am starts for me to get there in time and drop off kids and turn the coffee machine on WTF am i thinking)  hope to be more available to more of you. 

Our website orders are small but we do delivery each and ever Wednesday to Yeppoon, Emu park, Gracemere, Rockhampton and will soon be delivery weekly to Moranbah. 

Our eldest starts Prep this year so that School Life will also impact the workings of our shop but will also gain us so many more skills for juggling!! Nothing like throwing all the balls up in the air and making sure you catch all of them. 

The other local business we have in store via our rent this space idea are all people who need your support, by buying from them you are creating jobs for the future. 

When you hear that other people are trying to do exactly what you are doing you sometimes get a little disheartened.. I say good luck to those trying to do what we are doing. Its not all rainbows and lollipops around here its hard work and determination to ride out the good and the bad times and learning to work together instead of undercutting other local business is how we have stayed true to our morals and philosophy of having a helpful happy business. 

Like I said sometimes you just have to keep on keeping on! 

Much love and thank you for reading 

Kate xoxo