A little time out is all we need

by Kate Hollingsworth

Sometimes you just need to take a minute or a week to process some things. And next week 20th July we will be taking a break. Back in action Monday 27th July.. 

We need to process all the changes due to covid closures and restrictions to ensure you are getting the best services and bulk food shopping experience we can offer! 

There has been some changes in the building and the gym we were attached to is no longer operating. We do however have some new neighbours with Lives Lived Well moving into the building. This presents its own challenges on how we ensure staff safety as we no longer have back up humans for security purposes. 

So we need to come up with a new plan to be able to continue offering Rockhampton’s largest package free food options. 

Over our break we will rest, reset and resume with a plan for the future. It will see us focussing on our website and delivery options. A revamped seating area focused on a place for mother’s to come with their children to just stop and have a time out because this mother knows how important it is to have a safe space to come when you just aren’t having a good day/another parent/adult to have eyes on. 

We may see further changes but only time will tell as to where we go from here. 

Keep an eye on our Instagram page @thatwholefoodplace for updates! 


Keep well everyone and hope to see you soon! 

Take care 

from the team @ That Wholefood Place 

1/155 Alma street, Rockhampton